split 10" with Agathocles

by kingterror

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These are our tracks of the split 10" with Agathocles.

Released by Chaos Is Ours records, Crash Landing records, Shove records, Useless records and We Told You To Play Fast records.

Although Filth Ear records and Amber records are mentioned on the record sleeve they were eventually not involved in this release.

Filth Ear had to back down due to personal reasons.

Amber records never paid for his share of the records and we never heard of him again. Off course he didn't get his part of the records!


released July 1, 2010

Bass - Nico
Drums – Stef
Guitar – Kim
Vocals – Stig

Recorded november 24th 2009 at Studio 195 by Patrick Delabie
Mixed december 1st 2009 at Studio 195 by Patrick Delabie




kingterror Antwerp, Belgium

KINGTERROR is a DIY hardcorepunk band from Belgium.

We do not care about who is the best. We prefer bands, venues, distro’s and labels that have something to stand for other than how cool their shit is. This is hardcorepunk!

Hardcorepunk without content is totally useless, like beer without alcohol. We want to share information and frustration and say what we think needs to be said.
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Track Name: Fashion victim
I fucking hate you and your whole goddamn fashion crew
Get out of my face or I will kick the shit out of you!
You’re so fucking sad, a slave to the fashion industry
You only care about your clothes and the way you look

Now stop eating if you want to look like the next super model!
A walking skeleton on the verge of dying in the name of fashion!
A handful “fashion gurus” will decide how you have to look this year!
Millions of frustrated people who don’t meet the standards are left behind!

Fashion victim – frustrated mind
Fashion victim – break your chains
Be proud of how you look
Track Name: This genocide is yours
Hitler jugend is on the rise
Ratzinger you‘re full of lies
Pope Benedictus you’re full of shit

The mission to Africa’s a great success
“Condoms aren’t anti conception”
AIDS to the nation in your sick Christian dream
Hail the new Christian Führer

Ratzinger you’re a fucking disease
Because of you millions of people die
Another holocaust for you to deny!
Right arm in the air and sieg heil!

Death to the ruling Christian elite!
Ratzinger you’re a fucking disgrace!
Pope Benedictus I hope you die!
Hang you on the highest tree with a condom around your neck!

Track Name: The truth about black metal (grind mix)
Satan hates metal, I know it for a fact
He loves country and Johnny Cash
Sitting on the porch with apple juice and soda
His cowboy boots on and watching the rodeo


Driving his pick-up and fucking your grandma
Eating sweet corn and big ass steaks
Black metal bands don’t know shit!
They don’t know what they’re talking about
They should put on cowboy boots and line dance!
Track Name: Macho man
Macho man is roaming the streets, 21 and beating up kids
Oh yeah he’s so fucking tough! Be home at 6 ‘cause mom made dinner!

Macho man – small dick!
Macho man – small brain!

Now he’s 30 years old – married and beating his wife!
Can’t cope with his fucking life – trying to prove his fucking manhood


Ooh shit he started drinking, the violence is getting worse
His wife is sick of this shit
Pulls a gun, shoots him in the face, done!
Track Name: Voice your fucking opinion
What the fuck is wrong with some of the kids?
Don’t they ever question anything?
Anything just goes, it doesn’t seem to matter!
Blindly following the h.c. scene star herd!

What’s your opinion?! Fuuuuck! I can’t hear you!!
What’s your opinion?! Fuuuuck! What did you say?!

Lots of bands just don’t have anything to say!
What the fuck is this shit, I can not believe it!

3x Voice your fucking opinion! Don’t just shut up!
1x What’s your fucking opinion?! Don’t just shut up!
Track Name: Some people are gay
Some people are gay – GET OVER IT!
Track Name: What will you do?!?
Do you have the courage to care? Or are you really unaware?
of the forces confining you, of all the shit surrounding you

social control is the stranglehold, carefully measured out, institutionalized
brutality wears a suit and a tie and it's getting fucking nearby

What will you do - when they knock on your door?

nationalism spreads like a cancer, nationalism breeds no answers
it's happening in a town near you, is this history repeating itself?

Do you have the courage to care? Or are you really unaware?
of the forces confining you, of all the shit surrounding you

What will you do - when they knock on your door?
Will you submit? Or stand up and fight?
Stand up and fight!
Track Name: We have records and shirts in the back
I don’t care about your status in the scene
it’s bands like you that kill the dream
don’t have anything to say or talk about
instead of that bullshit coming out of your fucking mouth

“we have records and shirts in the back”
but we don’t give a flying sack
I’ve got your albums and I really like them
but to see you like this is totally unexciting

trying so hard to be the cool band
you just blew with your bullshit
when the crowd is too small you really don’t like it
Why do you think the kids aren’t excited?

“keeping one foot in the quicksand” (= tenement kids-quote)
and one eye on my watch
“oh my god, did you see my move?”
Track Name: Kingterror anthem (grind mix)
Track Name: War is shit and we love crusties
bombs are falling from the sky!
All squats destroyed no (more) anarcho pie!
It’s the way of doom all crusties die!
This is the dawn of the capitalist lie!

I’m in a state of fear, police bastards are here!
A holocaust in my head but the tables will turn!
Then I wake up it’s all just a nightmare!
Where would we be without all the crusties?

4x War is shit and we love crusties!
Track Name: I am not a racist, but...
“I'm not a racist but I'm proud of being white”
“I don't hate gays but I bash'em every night”

We – will – crush – your – fascist – skull!

“My left hand is numb so I vote extreme right”
If you believe this bullshit then it's time to say goodnight!

2x we will crush your skull, put your teeth on the curb and fucking go!

“I'm not a racist but I'm proud of being white”
If you believe that bullshit then it's time to say goodnight

We – will – crush – your – skull – tonight!
Track Name: Your system sucks
Your system sucks
You claim to be a communist fucking country
All I can see is the gap just getting bigger
The rich getting richer, the poor are just getting poorer

2x just a capitalist dictatorship